How To Maintain Bone Health?

Bone strength is closely related to the density and bone mass that is affected by the amount of calcium and vitamin D consumed, physical or exercise activity performed, and smoking habits. Maintaining bone health is easy to do by knowing which diet can be done, doing proper exercise, and lifestyle that can have an effect on bone health. Bones have many functions for the body, forming body structure, muscle retraining, and storing calcium. Maintaining bone health begins in childhood to adulthood. Can not be careless in maintaining bone health, sometimes bones can also experience pain, if you feel there are symptoms that are not right with your bones, you should check to to get a solution to your bone problem.

The bone will continue to develop, new bone will be made and the old bone will be broken. When young, the body will make new bone faster than the occurrence of old bone damage and will increase the bone period. Generally, a person reaches peak bone mass at the age of 30 years. After that age, the bone will keep growing but the body will lose more bone mass than it gets.