Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

If you doing a digital marketing or have a website and online store but still have not or hesitate in implementing SEO, here are some reasons why you should do SEO on your website or online store (if you do not want to miss competitors):

1. More and more People Looking for a Product / Service Via Google
Based on data in December 2011, internet users reached 55 million. By 2013, it is estimated that Internet users can reach up to 82 million people. The more Internet users, the more people who use Google in search of a product or service, including the products or services you offer through your website. So, if your website does not use SEO, then you will lose many potential customers from the internet.

2. People who Search via Google are Usually In Need and Ready to Buy
Every marketing expert will agree that the most potential prospects are potential buyers who are urgent and ready to buy. This means that with SEO you can increase sales online easily. Usually, people who search on Google are those who are urgent need of goods or services they seek. That is, the possibility of a deal will get bigger if you get Hot Prospects like that.

3. Relatively Low-Cost But Very Effective
SEO is relatively cheaper when compared with marketing channels such as exhibitions (exhibition), print media advertising, advertising in electronic media, and other conventional marketing channels. Even for those who are just starting a small business (SMEs, online stores, small company, etc) where the promotion budget is very limited, you can do your own SEO (Do-It-Yourself SEO). As for you who do not have time to learn or practice SEO itself, you can use our SEO services.

4. Your Competitors Have Been Doing SEO
Please search keywords related to your product/service in Google. You will find 10 competitors you have there. Your competitors have done it, will you stay still and let your potential customers choose your competitors instead of you? Your choice.