Know These Two Types Of Diabetes

Diabetic usually can happen to everyone without knowing who and what age. Diabetes that occurs usually does have two types and occurs in different age groups. Now, to be able to handle the diabetes problem, you can visit Obat Diabetes to get the right solution to your diabetes problem.

Diabetes suffered by a person usually does have two types. Both types are usually appropriate to their age. The two types of diabetes you need to know are

1. Type 1 Diabetes
This type of diabetes usually affects the age group below 40 years. In this condition, glucose levels increase because the immune system destroys the pancreatic cells that function to produce insulin. The therapy used for this type of diabetes is to give insulin injections and do a healthy diet and of course, run blood tests regularly.

2. Type 2 Diabetes
This is a type of diabetes that often occurs, this is caused by the lack of insulin production in the body so that the body cells are less sensitive to insulin.