Food Nitric Oxide Builders

NO (Nitric Oxide) is the most important component in muscle formation by expanding the productivity of oxygen intake circulating in the bloodstream to enter the muscles, tightening the muscles, and concentrating on the practice. So far we only know that the formation of nitric oxide can only be formed by consuming a variety of supplementation alone, but naturally, nitric oxide can also be formed by consuming various types of food consumed daily. Here’s a list of foods that support the formation of Nitric oxide in the body, one of which is a watermelon. Watermelon fruit is a high mineral-containing fruit and contains L-Citrulline amino acids. The essential content of amino acid L-Citrulline is what helps maintain the immune system in fighting infection and increase energy. Amino acids are heavily seconded as a metabolic process and maintain a balance of nitrogen in the body. In addition, citrulline functions to optimize blood circulation through conversion to other amino acids (arginine). To get nitric oxide naturally, then you can get it on our website

Egg yolk, if you hear the word, of course, we are careful to avoid this part of eggs. Because it has a high content of cholesterol, of course, very opposite to the formation of muscle. In addition to having a high content of cholesterol, egg yolk also contains essential nitric oxide is good to improve your pre-workout while undergoing weight training. If in a day you used to spend 6 eggs white, there is nothing wrong if you also consumption yellow as much as 2 grains. This will help you to increase nitric oxide as well as some low fat needed by the body.