What is a Perfect and Happy Life?

What is perfect life like? For me, the whole and perfect life is a well-balanced life. There are times when we become idols, there are times when we are admired and affirmed, but there are also times when we stumble and become scorn or behavior we become the subject of speech. Therefore, to master all these positions, the thing that you need to master first is yourself. If you have not mastered yourself then ask for help from others to guide you, one of which you can find at https://ayahuascahealings.com/

Apart from that, a perfect life of impeccable straight is not only impossible but terrible. We are like robots that live because they are programmed and never know the preferred input. When and wherever, without us wanting and wanting, we must be heroes and stars for a group or group, and at the same time we must be the most disappointing and annoying creature for some people. Just live it all with a calm heart. If you realize you have mistakenly stepped, there is no harm in mirroring yourself or apologize.