The advanced tips for training your dog to walk beside you

When your dog is reliable with 10 steps or more, then it’s time to spell out the word you want to use as a gesture/cue word for the command. The process is the same as the previous exercise, the only difference this time you slip a cue like an example “Miki, heel”, then stepped forward. Over time and the number of reps will form associations in the dog’s mind between the “heel” command with the action. (note: the command used is up to what you want, not necessarily heel). Meanwhile, perhaps you want to check out the recommended leather leash for your dog as well.

If your dog has been reliable until the above step, then it means you already have a wheelbase and it’s time to step into a more difficult step again and add some other variables such as:

– Vary the speed of the road as it runs slowly, rather quickly, stops, runs fast, and so on.

– Add the duration of the heel exercise

– Do the exercise in a new place (make sure it’s in a safe location, fenced and always use a leash to be safe)

– Not only go straight, this time add by turn left and right some steps

– Put the ball in front of you – what will your dog do?

– Trying to practice by being around other people and animals (start with one friend of yours, one cat, or one other dog and slowly add it. Don’t immediately try it in a fairly crowded environment or not safe enough.Always use a leash if not inside the home).