Depression Needs Places

Depression is often associated with a person’s weaknesses, considered to be less than grateful for lack of faith, or judgment is not normal. That’s not true because depression is a medical disorder that has an effect on the mood of feelings. When you feel anxious, excessive anxiety, frantic, sad constantly, feeling hopeless and hopeless, do not just hold it in your heart. No need to be ashamed to seek the help of mental health services. Similarly when we feel physically ill, like a stomachache, or a fever, then no doubt also check to the doctor, right? The general public also needs to be educated about depression. Education is so important that the people around can understand someone who is depressed. Depression needs a place, and with us then you will have that place.

For example, already vent with friends. If baseball friends understand he is depressed, even spoiled spelled out. It should not be so. At least be a good listener when a friend is in need of a story. Especially when a friend has given a signal of despair in life, for example saying ‘it’s no use live’ and ‘want to die alone’. Firstly, we must hold back our assumptions, your judgment must be put on hold. Do not blame him right away.