Understanding of Forex

Forex, Is an investment that trades currency one with other currencies. It stands for Foreign Exchange or foreign currency exchange. If the transaction in money changer or bank for sale and purchase, so-called Forex transaction ‘Spot’. Non-Spot Forex Transaction is a sale and purchase transaction of currency contract. Learn more about it by seeing james edward complete currency trader review on our website. Then where do you benefit from this Forex? Simply put, the profit from Forex is derived from the value of the difference when we buy and resell the currency of the country concerned. So forex trading is classified as an investment with a short period of time. There are 2 types of analysis in forex:

– Technical Analysis
Analysis to measure price movement through price charts. Things that should be known from this technical analysis is the trend, saturation, support, resisted, and Pivot Point.

– Fundamental Analysis
Analysis to predict price movements based on Fundamental news. The fundamental news here in the form of economic news, politics, and security that affect price movements.